Alta Boys

Alta Boys have finished their first album check it out here.

NBA-Development Piece

These are a series of development pieces I did with with Goodby Silverstein and Partners for the NBA. We were fishing for a vibe somewhere between subway bucket drummers, and Curtis Mayfield.

The three takes here in order from top to bottom are: mellow, medium paced, and then the sparse frenetic feel inspired by subway bucket drummers.

All of these pieces are developmental and were not aired.

Commonwealth Bank of Australia

Recently I worked with a San Francisco based Ad agency, Goodby Silverstein & Partners, composing music for 3 commercials advertising Commonwealth Bank of Australia. I composed several different examples for each spot. This is a compostion which aired with the commercial in June. All the commercials are presented here without narration, highlighting the music.

There are more examples from this campaign on my You Tube Channel-

Grand Teton Timelapses

These are time lapses of clouds around the Tetons. Digital technology has made time lapses easy, but I still love the effect. I have a great view from my deck of the Tetons, which makes it easy to set it up and walk away. I shot most of this over the course of a few weeks last summer, 2010. One of the shots is in the winter from Fred’s Mountain, Grand Targhee.

Hatch Media Works

HMW is an Audio & Video production studio based in Alta, WY. We are capable of all phases of video and audio production at reasonable rates, in deliverable formats from web to DVD and broadcasting.  We also have a catalog of original music available for licensing and downloads.